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Office 7, 940 Innovation Building, Kent Science Park, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME9 8HL

How Bowden Digitec started and why most people choose us

At Bowden Digitec we have 19 years of experience in the photocopier industry. I started repairing photocopiers 19 years ago for a company in London and slowly moved to various Photocopier companies. Whilst on my journey as a photocopier engineer i encountered many memories and issues.

I was finding many companies had not been treated correctly and that some engineers would not fix and clean the photocopiers properly and customers would frequently request myself to repair their photocopier, as they knew i was passionate about my job, making sure the photocopier was always left working and clean. It always put a smile on my face taking away the customers photocopier stress.

When i worked at various photocopier companies their customers used to have a lot of issues with certain sales guys that were promising them the world, only for the customers to realize that these sales guys were miss selling, over charging and pushing people into signing lease agreements. The customers would end up signing these documents for a photocopier due to the pressure put on them by the sales guys and then the customers would end up paying sky-high prices for a photocopier that does not fit the customer’s needs.

So with all this in mind I started Bowden Digitec to offer a passionate happy photocopier expert company, which has now running for 3 and a half years. We have engineers placed across London and Kent and really go above and beyond for our customers.

Kevin Bowden (Director of Bowden Digitec)