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Bowden Digitec have over 20 year’s experience, We offer a totally bespoke, personalised, professional service.  

Service Value : defined in terms of the customer’s perceived business outcomes, and described in terms of the combination of two components:
1 : Service Utility: What the customer gets in terms of outcomes supported and/or constraints removed.
2 : Service Warranty: How the service is delivered and its fitness for use, in terms of availability, capacity, continuity and security.

Service Value also includes the associated concepts of services as Assets.

Price : A pricing strategy which sets prices primarily, but not exclusively, according to the perceived or estimated value of a product or service to the customer rather than according to the cost of the product or historical prices.

Loyalty : Customer Value Management tells you that you have to earn the Customer’s loyalty at every transaction and every point in time. So you need to understand what causes loyalty at a point in time. It is the value you are adding. But more importantly, we need to understand what the Customer values, and what is important to a Customer in the Value s/he perceives. This means trying to customise to the extent we can our offering to the Customer.

Quality :  Consumers choose goods and services based on the assumption that they will be rewarded with value and satisfaction. Consumption is the process by which goods and services are used and assigned a level of value by the consumer.

Quality + Price + Customer Service = Value and Satisfaction that eventually grows into loyalty.

Today's market is all about adding value, so we are always trying to add more value to our customers so they get the best value for their money for their photocopiers.

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